Our mission is to train and empower today's Managers and help them become the Leaders of tomorrow. 

We are an online school based in Paris, France. We are committed to creating and continuously improving effective learning methods to the worldwide management and leadership community. 

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People often think of an organization’s assets in terms of cash, inventory, buildings, equipment, and other tangible assets. However, probably the most important asset can make or break the success of today’s businesses. We’re talking about people. The company's employees. After all, they are the ones that produce value to their customers and make profit for the business. We firmly believe that keeping them content, happy and creative is not only the best practice from a humanistic point of view, but it also has a huge effect on the company's innovative capacities and financial growth.
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Highly Qualified Teacher

I am an experienced professional and highly acknowledged in the field of leadership and management with over 40 years of experience.
I am the author of three books on leadership and management with a fourth one on the way. Books already available include:
One to One: Managing quality time with individuals for engagement and success.
Time to Manage: An agenda for effective leadership
Employee Power Unleashed: How to gain competitive advantage by treating your employees well.  

My goal is to always  provide you with a solid theoretical background, and a set of instantly applicable practices. In order to ensure the highest levels of quality and excellence I prepare and deliver all course material myself.  
“Train people well enough so that they can leave, then treat them well enough so that  they don't want to.”
Richard branson, SIDDHARTHA
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One to One - Manging qulity time with people for engagement and success.
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